The bulk of the content that is discussed in Village meetings comes from the Sunday sermons at Resonate gatherings. We love the opportunity that Village meetings give our church to further process the scriptures and principles and to revisit the content they heard on Sunday.

However, it might be necessary at times for a Village to spend an evening discussing some different content according to the needs of the Village. Resonate has various resources available for Villages to use to help meet those needs:


Video Sermon/Sermon

Through our RightNow Media account we have loads of videoed content available to our church from prominent speakers and pastors from around our nation.  Here are a list of great sermons that speak to topics that fall into the categories of UP, IN, and OUT.


  • IN



  •     OUT



Village Leader Teaching

If there is a healthy DT culture in a Village (lots of people doing DTs) or if a leader wants to encourage more people to engage DTs, they can teach and lead a discussion based on a what they’ve learned from their time with God. To formulate content for a whole Village gathering, leaders will need to supplement their DT learning with other study. They will also need to have a “lesson plan” that they can go over with their Coach before the lead their Village through it. A few Guidelines:

  • Does what you want to communicate have a firm biblical foundation?
  • What is the main point that you want to communicate?
  • Why does your Village need to hear and discuss this?
  • Does what you want to communicate make sense to other Village Leaders and your Coach?



Adults/Married Couples

The majority of our Resonate Villages are comprised of young single people. But we also have a valuable resource in our church in the older Owners and mature married couples who can provide some needed perspective that can enhance the learning in our Village Gatherings. Inviting some of these gems into a Village can help in several ways:

  • They can come and simply be present and part of the Village discussion, freely sharing their valuable perspective.
  • They can come and talk about a specific subject that the Village wants or needs to discuss, giving time for Q&A.
  • They can host a special Village Gathering that gets the Village into the older Owner/mature married couple's world and helps establish longer term relationship and access.

To set this up, Village Leaders and Coaches need to work with their Site Pastor to help organize and communicate with the older Owners and mature married couples so that needs and expectations are clear.