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I grew up in Graham, Washington located south of Puyallup. I am the youngest of 3, both older siblings are married now. I attended Church most of my life but disliked it until Jr. High. My life was changed when my brother signed me up for small groups against my will. He drove me there, dropped me off, and left me to fend for myself for the next two hours. That night I begrudgingly formed friendships that continue to shape my life even today. After making friends in the church, I got involved and my life actually started to change. Through high school I was heavily involved in church and could often be found volunteering with the photography team, or the set-up crew on any given Sunday.

When I came to college at WSU in 2014, I began to seek a church and, not having a car, found Resonate’s on-campus service to be convenient. I came in with a background in photography and cinematography and got involved with Resonate while working alongside Eric Foss. I began helping out by recording the sermons every week at the on-campus service and helping Eric shoot baptism services with a few other volunteers.

I went to Elevate San Diego the summer after my sophomore year, went to the nations the summer after my Junior year, and am now on staff part-time in my 4th year studying Chemical Engineering. Specifically, my job with Resonate is Photo lead. It is my privilege to build and maintain a group of volunteer photographers dedicated to capturing the various events or stories that Resonate puts on and develops. Additionally, I now handle the filming and editing of the sermon videos every week, basically coming full circle from my 1st year. I love being a part of the creative process involved in sharing Resonate’s stories and individual stories with the rest of the world.

Looking forward, my hope is to have one photographer on every church planting team that Resonate sends out. This would enable us to see stories from all across the network and really expand our media reach outside of just Pullman/Moscow area.

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Top 5 strengths: Connectedness, Analytical, Input, Belief, Learner

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