I grew up in East Tennessee. I joke that I've been going to church since 9 months before I was born, and it's kind of true. My dad is a pastor, so church attendance has been a consistent part of my life. I'm thankful for family and a church community that showed me the love and grace of Christ from such a young age. When I surrendered my life to Him at the age of 7, I didn't fully understand how much it would impact my life, but I knew who Jesus was and that I didn't want to try to live this life on my own. 

In high school and college, I lived a pretty typical life that centered around friends and activities. Playing sports and exploring the outdoors took up most of my time. Gradually though, God began placing people and opportunities in my life that pushed me into a deeper understanding of who He is, what He has done for me, and how He has called me to live. In college, it was my roommates who loved Jesus and pushed me to live for Him. In grad school, it was a small group who challenged me to live on purpose. As I finished graduate school and started my career, it was a local church plant. There, I began to take ownership of my faith and get involved with a local community. Fast forward a couple years, and I found myself moving to a small town I had never heard of some 2,400 miles away from family and friends to take a job at Washington State University. If anyone was looking for community, it was me. 

Luckily, I found Resonate Church and was welcomed into a community of people living to make much of Jesus. Since then, I've been learning how to live on mission and use the skills and abilities I've been given to serve the local church. My hope is to come alongside college students and spur them on to live lives of faithful obedience to Christ. 

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