Don’t just waste your Thanksgiving/Christmas break, use it to serve alongside your community. You will participate in helping needy communities across the US in mercy ministry and relief. This week is about diving into deeper relationships with friends and learning more about who Jesus is.

  • Dates: November 17-21
  • Cost: $100-250
  • Application Deadline: September 30
  • Final Financial Deadline: November 1


Many of you students have the opportunity to study abroad for credit through your university.You get to experience life overseas, explore new places, meet new friends from another country, expand your language skills, and grow in your cultural knowledge. But what about growth as a disciple of Jesus? Where does that fit in during your six months abroad? Resonate is now helping connect you to long term missionaries in the city where you will be living while you study. Not only will it give you Christian community when you’re away from your home church, but it will connect you to a local ministry and find ways to serve and make disciples in your new context. Use this study abroad experience to learn a new culture, and help the local body grow while you minister to those around you.