I grew up in Spokane Washington with my parents and younger brother, living life simply and safely in the same house for most of my life.  Throughout my childhood my mom took my brother and I to church on-and-off, but because religion wasn’t something my parents could agree upon we stopped attending before I was in middle school.  My childhood view of Jesus was that He was real, but that He made life harder. So even believing in His real-ness, creating distance between Jesus and I was the safest option I thought possible.   

Flash forward to high school.  I attended a Christian summer camp with my best friend, and discovered that this was the moment where I would no longer be able to run from Jesus.  The message of God sending Jesus to die for my brokenness and in turn give me life and freedom from my sin suddenly sounded a bit more intriguing than safety did.  I continued to seek out what this meant for my quiet little life, and it turns out God had been seeking after me too.  He just wanted me to put away the distance I had been building, forget my fear, and trust that a relationship with Him was worth everything, because it is.

Shortly after moving to college I started attending Resonate Church, got involved in Greek and international student ministry, and even spent a summer on mission in Thailand.  God used my time in college to continue breaking down my desire for safety.  He brought rich community alongside me to help me grow from someone who kept her faith hidden, to someone who desired to proclaim the goodness of Jesus even if it risked an awkward conversation or a friendship.  

During my senior year I felt God calling me overseas and I spent the first two years of my post-grad life living in Turkey, working with a team of people aiming to start a thriving church amongst college students there and see lives transformed by the gospel.  During these two years, God continued to deepen my love for His global mission as well as for college-students.  This lead me back to Pullman where I am working on staff as a Send Administrator.  I am thankful that God has given me an opportunity  to create opportunities for students at our different campuses to go on mission and experience what God is doing around the Pacific Northwest and the world for themselves.

My hope for Resonate is that we will be people who consistently seek to know Jesus deeper and bring Him the glory He deserves, and that we will embrace acts of sacrificing safety and comfort to live a life that is sent.

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Top 5 strengths: Developer, Empathy, Includer, Harmony, Connectedness

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