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Growing up, there wasn’t much that this world had to offer that I didn’t already have. I have parents who love each other and love me and my sister. I never had problems making friends, and never had to fight much for anything I needed or wanted. By society’s standards, I had it made. Everything was placed on my lap at a young age and I had the world at my fingertips. Despite all of this, I still couldn’t shake this feeling that I was missing something. It was this nagging feeling that I had all throughout my high school years that there had to be something more.

It got to a point where I didn’t think I could ever feel full or that my heart could be completely satisfied. After a while, I came to the point where I accepted that I may just have to live this half-full life for the rest of my life and there was nothing I could do about it. Around that same time, I was invited to attend a ministry with my friends that preached the gospel and there I heard for the first time who Jesus was, what He had done, and why that was important to my life.

For the first time I felt something that wasn’t just filling me up for a little while but something that filled me up to the point where I was overflowing. The joy and fulfillment that I felt from hearing about the person of Jesus was nothing like I ever experienced before. When the point came where somebody asked me if I wanted Jesus to be Lord of my life, it was the easiest ‘yes’ I have ever given. Because of what He has done for me on the cross, I joyfully accepted the fact that I no longer wanted to live this life on my own but live it having Christ live in me. I was willing to sign up for whatever adventure Jesus wanted to take me on… and that led to Washington State University.

Since coming to WSU, Jesus has been breaking me down and building me up to look more like Him while also inviting other young men to do that with me through Resonate Church. My hope and prayer is that Jesus would use me through Resonate to lead young men to know Him, trust Him, and say ‘yes’ to the greatest adventure that one could sign up for!

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