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God has been pursuing my heart since I can remember.

I remember as a little girl praying with my mom day and night, in times of joy and times of sorrow. My family was and is broken in many ways and was far from conventional, but it led me to seek God as my Hope and Refuge. The majority of my friends in middle school and high school knew and loved Jesus and I spent much of my time growing in knowledge of Him and love for Him with friends I still have to this day.

My first conscious decision to follow him was at Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp when I was twelve years old. From there, the Lord developed disciplines in my life such as prayer and reading the Bible which laid a firm foundation in my faith. I praise God for moving through so many faithful workers who discipled me growing up.

Although my faith was developing, I still fought to control my life in many ways.

I wanted to control how others perceived me to be and change what I didn’t like about myself. I wanted to control my environment, seeking to keep peace in my family, earning great grades, and anticipating every next turn ahead.

My senior year at Coeur d’Alene High School, I decided to attend the University of Idaho and shortly thereafter, a friend of mine from Lake City Church told me to check out this church called Resonate.

Flash forward... The first week of my freshman year I got connected with some great people and began to get more involved in Village, Huddle, and serving on the Worship Team. God has shown Himself to me in a way I never could have imagined as a four-year-old praying with my mom. Through my time in college at Resonate, He has relinquished this desire to control my life and has allowed me to have a deep abiding trust in Him.

I began to believe more deeply that God’s plans for me are great and glorifying and that it involves flexibility, trust, and sacrifice. I began to believe that I could trust Him as the author of life to write the most beautiful story with my life and with the lives of those around me.

College is a key moment for so many people where we decide what we will do with our lives and who we will become. My passion is to encourage His people to step forth in faith to hop on the best ride of their lives. To say no to controlling their life and yes to following our Lord with everything!

I desire for others to see their purpose and to make decisions in college that will allow them to have the most fulfilling life possible in Jesus Christ.

I desire to shepherd women to have joy in Christ and in their giftings and to nourish unity in God’s church for the accomplishment of God’s mission.

Myers Briggs: INFJ

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