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I don’t know a lot about Jesus, how can I learn more about him?
We hope that you can learn about Jesus through our community. If you would like to meet with someone to learn more about Jesus, we would love to buy you a coffee and tell you more. Click here to fill out a connection card, we will be in contact with you! Then visit our beliefs page to hear more about Jesus.

What are your Sunday gatherings like?
Our Sundays are a time to connect with community as we sing worship, hear teaching, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Click here to see gathering times and locations! When you decide to come, swing by our info table, we’d love to meet you!

I have a family with kids, is there a way for my kids and teens to be involved?
Yes! We have many opportunities for your kids and teens to get involved. We have kids classes during our Sunday Gatherings in Pullman, Moscow, Ellensburg, and Cheney. We have Youth Village (Middle School and High School) in Pullman and Moscow. Check out our Village page for more details. In addition, we encourage parents to integrate their kids of all ages into the community they are part of and try to minimize age based separations.

How can I spend time with community outside of Sundays?
We’re glad you asked! We gather throughout the week in groups of people we call “Villages”. Our hope is that Village is a bite-sized expression of the Church, functioning as a family on mission. These are the people who can know you, process life with you, and be on mission alongside. Anyone and everyone is invited to get connected to a Village family! Click here to learn more about Village and connect with a leader!

What college universities are you planning to plant a church on in the future?
In 2018, we are planting churches at Idaho State University and Boise State University. In 2019, we are preparing to plant at Montana State University, University of Montana, and Western Washington University. For more about planting 21 churches by 2021, go to

What denomination is Resonate?
Resonate is a Southern Baptist Church. We are apart of the Southern Baptist Convention which is a network of 40,000+ churches that aim to make Jesus’ name known. We are also affiliated with the Northwest Baptist Convention, SEND Network, North American Mission Board, and the International Mission Board.

I’m interested in discipleship, how can I get connected?
If you are interested in being a disciple who makes disciples reach out to your Village leader. They will be able to get you involved in a huddle or a grow group. If you aren’t yet part of a village family, that’s the place to start! Fill out a connection card here.

I would like to be baptized through Resonate, where do I sign up?
We are so excited that you want to take this step of obedience in your relationship with Jesus! Check out the baptism page for more details of where to apply and when the next service will be.

What mission trip opportunities do you have?
We provide many opportunities to participate in mission projects. Our Send projects happen during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer. We’ll have applications at throughout the Fall and Spring of the school year.

I’m not a college student, why should I be part of Resonate?
No matter what age or where you are in your relationship with Christ, we want to make sure you are growing as a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus. We have many opportunities to get involved through serving, Village and discipleship. Look for Young Professional or Family villages on our Village page to connect with our non-student communities.

I don’t live in a city where there is a Resonate Church. Is there a way I can still be involved?
We have Resonate alumni and friends throughout the country. If you would like to get connected with a Village or community in your city, email us at or if you’re alumni check out We would love to connect you and equip you to make disciples in your city.