Jesus commanded all of His followers to go and make disciples, everywhere. Those who are engaged in this disciple making are the church. In Resonate we believe this to be at the core of our purpose and the primary action of God’s mission to redeem the world. We want to make disciples. And we want our disciples to make disciples, who make disciples.

Resonate’s system for disciple making has two main vehicles. They are designed to encompass the stages of growth from “pre-Christian” to mature believer.  

  1. For individuals who are in the process of making a decision about Jesus to those who are new and young believers, there are Grow Groups. These groups are designed to help the individual understand the basic beliefs of Christianity and align the young disciple with the belief and mission of Resonate Church.

  2. For those who are established in their understanding of the basics of Christian faith and are daily seeking to mature and walk in obedience to their Lord, there is Huddle. Huddles are designed to help the follower of Jesus continue in their personal transformation and to train them to make disciples.

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Disciple Making Venn Diagrams-02.jpg