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What started as a desire to be like my dad blossomed into a distinct call to ministry...

I am blessed to have been saved at a very young age. My dad is a pastor at a local church, and my mom directed the children's ministry for most of my life, so my life was saturated with church activities. Though I was taught to love Jesus as a child, it wasn't until my late teens that I truly understood His love for me. Since then, God has put a desire on my heart to help others experience His love.

From childhood I told everyone that I wanted to be a pastor when I grew up, mostly because I just wanted to be like my dad. What became apparent over time was that desire was more than just a kid looking up to his dad; God was actually calling me to ministry. That call has been affirmed by many people and events, but one question remained: where? I have grown frustrated in the past, and felt like I was wasting time while working jobs outside of the church. For whatever reason, God had not given me an opportunity to join church staff anywhere, so I did other things: joined the Air Force, worked other jobs, and started going to school for something I am really not that passionate about. Now I can see how He used each of those things to answer that question.

My lovely wife, Anna, and I began attending Resonate at EWU in the Fall of 2017. We attended twice and immediately fell in love with the people, vision, and mission of Resonate. During the Acts series, Keith said repeatedly "God's got the whole thing rigged." As I reflected on how we ended up at EWU, that truth was affirmed. God had used each thing I thought of as a "waste of time" to bring us to EWU, introduce us to Resonate, and call us to mission with this family. We are so excited to reach college students and plant churches with Resonate!

Anna and I live in Cheney, WA and have one daughter, Juliet. We love going to coffee shops, quoting The Office, and doing whatever it takes to make Jules laugh.

My hope for Resonate Church is that thousands of students would learn to love Jesus and live their lives on mission for Him. I pray that we would be effective in making disciples who make disciples and that the world would be changed as a result. Ultimately, my hope is that we would bring glory to God in all that we say and do.

Myers Briggs: ESTJ-A

Top 5 Strengths: Communication, Belief, Responsibility, Achiever, Arranger

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