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Before coming to college, I thought I knew the next steps of my life. I would be a nurse, have the perfect house, I would run marathons, throw the best dinner parties, live a seemingly perfect life. A life without anxiety, worrying and achieving absolute peace, and happiness. When I came to WSU, this ‘perfect life’ that I was so desperately wanting to achieve was crumbling from underneath me. I joined a sorority, had made friends, and from the outside was trying to look like I had it all together. In reality, I was failing my courses, homesick, family troubles, and overwhelmed with stress because of who I was trying to be. But in those low moments is when I met Jesus.

Having grown up going to church, I knew who God was and what Jesus did on the cross, but I never fully understood what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. I didn’t know the joy of His grace and redemption over my life until some of my sorority sisters shared the gospel with me. In that moment, everything changed. I knew I needed to deny the idea of perfect. I began to embrace the unpredictable life that reminded of me of why I needed a Savior. A life that sharpened me, community that cared for me, and a God who knew every part of me. A life that looked more like Jesus.

As I got more involved in Resonate throughout college, the idea of living on mission became more tangible then ever before. I was ready to place my ‘yes’ on the table, even if I was unsure of what that meant. I wanted to embrace the gifts God has given me in order to play a small role in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven, to earth. I became more involved in story team, and saw the ways God had been working in my life, leading me to this moment. After seeing Resonate from an exterior perspective, I felt this tug on my heart to want to learn what happens behind the scenes. After graduation, this clarity was undeniable when the opportunity came to join Resonate staff with the Network Team.

Since then, I have been on staff for 2 years and my-oh-my has it been a ride. My job has given me opportunities to be a part of God’s mission in so many different ways. From communication, to story team, event planning, and being on the creative team, I have learned so much! I have the amazing opportunity to highlight what God has done within the church, bring all of our sites together for Resonate Conference, and proclaim through our communication platforms why we are passionate about college students knowing Jesus.

I decided to work for Resonate because at the center of everything we do, is the understanding that we can’t do any of it without God. We need Him to fuel us, comfort us, and guide us to people and places that need to know Jesus. My hope for Resonate is that we are a church who truly loves people well because of what Jesus did for us. That we realize the joy and hope we feel is only attainable by knowing God deeper and that we pursue other people in hopes they can feel that same joy.

Myers Briggs: ENFJ

Top 5 Strengths: Developer, Empathy, Belief, Positivity, Harmony

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