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I thought I knew the next steps of my life. What I would do, where I would live, and what my job would be. I wanted control over my life and I tried to bear the weight of my future causing stress and pressure to build up. I would try to escape the stress by playing sports or being more involved in extracurriculars, but nothing seemed to help and God was not on my radar.

Having grown up going to church, I knew who God was and what Jesus did on the cross but I never fully understood what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus, or how. I tried to put full reliance in my own abilities and did not lean on God. It wasn’t until I went to a summer camp my freshman year of high school that I understood that God knows me and He desires that I know Him. I gave my life to Jesus in that moment, but months following I was going in and out of community and wasn’t giving Him my all. Coming to Washington State University was difficult in the beginning because I knew no one. I joined a sorority and was starting to get involved with different aspects of my chapter but I still felt like something was missing. When I started going to Sunday services at Resonate, I felt known, at home, and felt the Lord’s presence. When I was a sophomore in college was the first time I truly felt like I had a relationship with God that was fueled by his scripture and constantly giving all of my fear and worries to him. Since then, I have loved serving at Resonate, becoming more involved with story team, and learning about the character of God. When I decided to follow Jesus, the stresses, fears, and worries about my life receded, because I understood that God had ultimate authority in my life.

I decided to work for Resonate because at the center of everything we do, is the understanding that we can’t do any of it without God. We need Him to fuel us, comfort us, and guide us to people and places that need to know Jesus. After seeing Resonate from an exterior perspective, I felt this tug on my heart to want to learn what happens behind the scenes and joining the story team was the place where I feel like I could see all facets of the church and the and the people who attend Resonate. I have the amazing opportunity to highlight what God has done within the church through the people who have served Resonate either as students or alumni.

My hope for Resonate is that we are a church who truly loves people well because of what Jesus did for us. That we realize the joy and hope we feel is only attainable by knowing God deeper and that we pursue other people in hopes they can feel that same joy.

Myers Briggs: ENFJ

Top 5 Strengths: Developer, Empathy, Belief, Positivity, Harmony

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