I grew up in Augusta, Georgia but my family moved to Kennewick, Washington when I was 13 years old. So the only family I have west of the Mississippi is my mom, my dad, and my little sister Megan who is a sophomore at Whitworth University. I graduated from WSU with a degree in Neuroscience in May of 2017 and right now, I’m working at Whitman Medical Group as a medical assistant in the hopes of going to Physician Assistant (P.A.) school in the not too distant future.

Growing up, I my family attended one of the classic Southern Methodist churches: stained glass windows, organ, choir robes, hymnals. It was great and I learned a lot about the Bible but I never really developed a personal relationship with the Lord. When we moved, our family got busy and never really found a church we liked so for about 5 years we attended rarely and the small relationship I had with Jesus dwindled to almost nothing. I spent all of high school calling myself a Christian and then in actuality giving all of myself and my identity to the worldly things I was doing and accomplishing.

Coming to college, I was immediately connected with Resonate by a friend from high school who invited me to my first village—shoutout Ben Ostby. I was so desperate for community and friends that at first, that was all I really cared about. But throughout my freshman year at WSU, I began to cultivate and invest in my relationship with the Lord. Pretty soon (and by pretty soon, I obviously mean years of hard lessons being taught to my hardened, sinful heart by God) I was agreeing to do some crazy things that God called me into, like going to Tijuana on mission  trips and leading a village. I never had a moment where God turned my life around but through a slow process of realizing what a life with Him was supposed to look like, 4 years later and I can’t imagine leading the life I was living in high school.

Resonate isn’t God and I could be a Christian anywhere in the world (God has shown that to me so many times in my trips overseas). However, the Lord has been so faithful to me through Resonate, I am certain that this is where I am supposed to be! Through Resonate, I was able to participate in the mission trips that transformed my heart into a heart that breaks for the nations that don’t know Him. I’ve also watched as God has brought people from death to life in villages that I’ve led and there is nothing more rewarding in this entire world than getting to be a part of someone’s decision to follow Jesus.

My future plans—of which I have so many, trust me—center on one day going overseas to do medical mission work. I would love to attend PA school at a 21x21 city and then go to the nations using my PA license and join in health and spiritual ministries to the people of the world who have never heard of the name of Jesus. Right now, as I’m working in the medical field, I am volunteering in the Operations Administration area of Resonate and continuing to lead a village (if you’re interested, come through!). My hope for Resonate is pretty simple: that we continue to make disciples of all nations and peoples that we interact with and continue to take new ground for God’s kingdom. Impossible to do alone, inevitable when serving the God we do.

Myers Briggs: ESTJ

Strength Finder: Focus, Harmony, Input, Learner, Winning Others Over (WOO)

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