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Like thousands of other college students, I came to Pullman seeking an education and four years of fun. I found both at WSU, but neither brought the deep fulfillment or significance that I thought they would. Jesus had been a part of my life as I grew up in a strong Christian family, but as I got older my faith eroded away. By my senior year of college, the pursuit of my engineering career, alcohol, and relationships had consumed me. I was desperate for escape, seeing that the road I was headed down was only growing darker.

As my life began to collapse, God rescued me through a few friends at Resonate. Jesus relentlessly pursued me and called me home like the prodigal son I had become. I gave my life to Him, got baptized, graduated from WSU, spent the next two years interning with Resonate, and fell in love with the prettiest girl in the Palouse. Jessica and I got married and committed ourselves to serving God together in ministry for the rest of our lives, recklessly pursuing people with the hope and truth of Jesus that we personally experienced.

Over the last several years, my heart has been stirred to see God move thousands of other college students in the same way. Through many months of prayer, God called me and Jess to lead a team of people to start Resonate's first church outside of the Palouse in Ellensburg - the home of 11,000 college students at Central Washington University. We are excited to see God work in mighty ways and start a movement all across the Northwest through college students.


I spend most of my time trying to impress people by drinking black coffee, I love watching TV shows with Jess, and I miss the smell of Bellingham Bay. The shoe rack at Ross is my kryptonite.

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