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I was born and raised into a self-made-man mentality, and was perfectly content living and dying by the American dream. Then Jesus crashed into my world. I didn’t go to church or Sunday school growing up so I was very shocked when I learned that the fanatical/hypocritical/boring picture of Christians that Family Guy had painted for me was incorrect. I was invited into a Resonate Village, made some amazing friends, and found out quickly that these people cared for me more than my friends I used to party with. Within a month my Village friends dragged my sorry hung-over self to church, and I came face to face with the Gospel, the story that a carpenter from Nazareth named Jesus was actually God, and that He actually died on a cross and rose again to save my sorry hung-over-at-church self.

A few months and many conversations later, I realized that I believed this story. And if I believed that this story was true, my life had to change in a dramatic way. In December of 2011, I confessed with my mouth the belief in my heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, and devoted myself to Him. It was the most joyful moment of my life. 

Two years later, I realized that my calling is to take the Gospel to the campuses, and since the summer of 2015 I have been on staff with Resonate as a multiplier focused primarily on high school and international students. In May I married an amazing woman named Chelsie, whom I met at a Village. It was the best summer of my life. Now my dream is to leave WSU and plant on a college campus in the Northwest, to see God's mission carried out through college students reaching the ends of the earth.

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