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I grew up in Spokane, Washington with 12 years of private Christian school, wonderful Christian parents, and a small, safe worldview. After traveling to South America before heading to college, my view of Christianity started to shift. I started to understand that it required surrender. That fact both compelled and terrified me.

I came to Washington State University in 2005 as a freshman and told God I didn’t want Him. I quickly found that all those things I began chasing only led to more emptiness, and it was then I realized that surrendering my life to Christ meant freedom, not rules. It meant relationship, not religion. And so started this adventure.

I began to see that college students all around me were lost and seeking truth just as I was. That broke my heart and I discovered a passion to share the gospel. I was invited to intern with Resonate in 2008 after graduating from WSU with a degree in Intercultural Communication and Spanish. I met Jacob Dahl, a fellow intern at the time, who pursued my heart in a way that makes romance movies look bad.

We got married in 2011, and we decided that if all we did in this short time on earth was tell the influential and lost about Christ, to be a part of life change and discipleship multiplication among college students, we would be found worthy of the calling we had received. So began our journey toward church planting with Resonate. In Fall of 2014, we planted Resonate CWU on the campus of Central Washington University in Ellensburg, located in the heart of Washington.

I hope Resonate is a place where college students can experience truth and relationships like I have. If 70% of college students who grew up in the church are walking away, then I want to be the one to run after them. If more and more of our generation considers themselves “spiritual,” and thinks what is true for you isn’t true for them, then I want to be the one who asks questions, who asks them to consider Jesus who claimed to be the Only Way. My hope for Resonate is that we speak the Good News of the Gospel to the hurting, seeking world around us.

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