A Resonate Missionary increases influence among students by spearheading a culture of evangelism, community building, strategy, and aiding multipliers in leadership multiplication.


Because of the desired outcomes of a Resonate Missionary, there are certain objectives that are expected from a person fulfilling the position. These expectations serve the purpose of allowing the missionary to keep the gas pedal on missional engagement and evangelism of the campus.


  • Missional Engagement: intentionally meeting new people with Gospel-driven purpose.
  • Evangelism: sharing the Gospel regularly.
  • Goal Setting: measurably stating desired future movement.
  • Evaluation: identifying both what’s broken and what’s working alike.
  • Personal Development: self growth through continued learning (sermons, books, seminars, blogs, etc.).
  • Rest: regular rhythms of re-filling that fuel a life of pouring out.
  • Community Building: creating a thriving gospel-family among your people.
  • Content Creation: initiating innovation for enhancing the Gospel reach.
  • Preparedness: coming to all situations ready to contribute quality work.
  • Professionalism: maintaining an heir of workplace respect and maturity.