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I grew up in the beautiful city of Boise, Idaho and my upbringing looked like one out of a movie. I have amazing parents who have loved my five siblings and I so well. We would go to church on Sunday’s and Awanas on Monday’s. I was able to see from a very young age what it meant to follow Jesus and what your life looks like when you do follow Him. The years went by and at the age of ten I decided to follow Jesus and soon after got baptized.

Fast forward to high school and my life looked a lot different. High school was a time of insecurities, doubts, and decisions.  I was confused and at this point in my life I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

As I stepped into college at the University of Idaho my freshman year and joined a fraternity (Beta Theta Pi) Jesus went on the backburner. My image was the most important thing to me. All I wanted was people to like me, and to be accepted by my fraternity brothers. Looking back at my first two years of college, God was clearly trying to get my attention through guys I met from Resonate on that campus. I had people constantly reaching out to me and trying to love me but I would not give them the time of day.

During Christmas break of my junior year, God grabbed my attention and my life was forever changed. I realized my deep need for a Savior and that I could never be complete on my own; God revealed to me my brokenness. The next semester I met this guy named Sam and he became one of my closest friends because he loved me where I was at. He shared with me what Jesus has done for me and that even though I do not deserve it, Jesus wants a relationship with me. Right after that semester, I completely surrendered my entire life to Jesus.

Since then I have been able to see God do amazing things in my life and have been a part of mission trips, baptisms, and seeing people decide to make the same decision I did and follow Jesus. Because of how Jesus has changed my life while I was in college, I want to give my life to making Jesus’ name known on college campuses. Resonate provided an avenue for me to do that. My hope in working for Resonate is that I may have the opportunity to be used by God to change the trajectory of many students’ eternity because of Jesus.

Myers Briggs: ESFJ

Top 5 Strengths: Responsibility, Competition, Belief, Consistency, Discipline

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