After growing up and attending school in Vancouver, WA, I decided that I would apply to Washington State University in the summer of 2013. I had gotten to know a few people from Resonate during my high school years through a summer camp called Centrifuge, so from the start I knew that this was a church I wanted to get involved in. However, I had no idea of the extent to which God would start to work in my life through the community I found around me.

During that school year, I was surrounded by other college students who lived generously, invited me into their lives, and loved Jesus deeply and authentically. As I became involved in their lives, it inevitably led me to start viewing my relationship with God in a radically different light.

That winter, I decided to transfer schools to Central Washington University to help plant a church on their campus. Over the next three years there, God continued to transform my heart, my interests, and - eventually - my plan for my life. Growing up, I had essentially made wealth the end goal of my pursuits because I sought the lifestyle and security that I saw finances bringing into my life. By the end of my collegiate tenure, however, I had decided that those things were secondary to applying my time and energy to pushing forward the name of Jesus across college campuses in the Pacific Northwest.

I knew that there was a need within Resonate Church for more administrative-minded staff members, and that’s been something I’ve always been both gifted and interested in. Although it would mean rejecting two decades of desires, I felt an immense amount of peace about applying for a position at Resonate Church. Now, I am working as the Expense Administrator, ensuring that money gets to the right people at the right time, improving communication with missionaries in the field, and giving our church plants the resources they need to reach college students with the hope of Jesus.

Myers Briggs: ENTJ

Top 5 Strengths: Analytical, Input, Discipline, Significance, Focus

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