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I grew up in western Washington and northern Idaho. I moved to Moscow in 2008 to finish my BA at the University of Idaho. I thought I would be here for two quick years and then it would be back to Coeur d’Alene, my hometown. It has now been nine years and I’m married to a lovely woman—Rebecca, have two amazing children and work for Resonate Church in Operations.

I have been a Christ-follower since a bedside prayer with my mother when I was 8 years old. My father was a pastor while I grew up but actually had a pretty painful experience in ministry. Because of that, I always said I would do anything the Lord wanted, but not ministry. By the time I departed Coeur d'Alene for Moscow, I had dabbled in school, ministry, and the workplace but really hadn’t done much with my twenties. I thought I came here to Moscow to finish my education, but it turned out that God had very different plans for my life.

The first week of school a cheerful girl handed me a granola bar with a flyer for Resonate Church. I also had a friend in Seattle who had told me about Resonate before I even moved to the Palouse, so with this second invitation, I figured I should probably check it out. To tell you the truth, I kind of hated it. However, a friend who went with me wanted to go back, so I did. Deep down, my real desire was to find a community—a group of people I could live and grow with. That second week was a much better experience; I met Josh Martin who invited me to coffee later that week. He brought along his friend David, who invited me to his “Village.” David’s Village was where I found exactly what I had been looking for, and exactly what God had brought me to Moscow to find: community.

Community is a buzzword at Resonate Church. And it’s also the reason I’m here, because within that community of David & Leanne Smith’s Village I started on a path to near total spiritual transformation. Over the next nine years I would spend at Resonate Church, I discovered that I didn’t really know Jesus that well before. Being introduced to the real Jesus Christ changed everything forever.

Six years ago I was invited to join the Resonate staff as an intern. At the age of 28 I wasn’t sure becoming an intern was where I should head with my life. I consulted Josh Martin about it and he asked me, “Where do you see yourself in five years? Working for a church?” I said, “Yeah, I think so.” He followed up with, “Well, do you have an opportunity to work for a church?” I said, “Yeah.” So he concluded, “Well, maybe you should work for a church then.” It seemed like sound reasoning so I agreed. 

The end of my story is really just this: Jesus.

No one has experienced love until they have rested in the love of Jesus. This country has hundreds of thousands of college students who believe they are whole and full but who are really broken and empty. Jesus wants to redeem them and Rebecca and I are humbled, honored and thrilled to have a part in sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the power of redemption to all of these.

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