I grew up in Omak Washington, a small town most people have never heard of. My family was a family of new believers and growing up going in our small town church was very formative for me. I remember making friends that way and accepting Jesus as my savior at a very young age.

As I grew older, I realized that church isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and neither is life really. I had a vision of my church and its people that was perfect, but as things started to change I realized that this wasn’t true. As we began to experience this as a family, my faith started become my own and not the faith of the people surrounding me. In middle school, I heard the story of the woman at the well for probably the 100th time, but this time was different. It was finally communicated to me that God didn’t die and rise again for everyone to look perfect on the outside. He came because of the real, ugly, raw parts of us. Never before had I felt the weight of the gospel until that day.

God continued to push me toward reliance on him as I entered high school and found that even people who proclaim the gospel make mistakes, I entered college with no friends, and a sour taste in my mouth toward the church and people who were associated with it. At the end of my freshman year, a dear friend of mine transferred schools. She was christian and needed someone to attend with her and I reluctantly agreed not knowing that going to Resonate would change my life. I felt the weight of the gospel again and knew that God would use me to care for His imperfect people.

Since then, I have developed a passion for God’s mission to reach the lost, broken, and stuck internationally. I now get to do just that. After spending my senior year as a part time student and part time missionary for Ellensburg’s off campus church plant, I now work on Resonate’s SEND team. I have the privilege of supporting our missionaries abroad and sending students on trips that solidify faith and push them to love the nations like our Father does.

My hope is that we become a church that loves the nations and cares for people well by sharing the gospel. We can be a force to the nations.

Myers Briggs: ISFP

Top 5 Strengths: Empathy, Adaptability, Developer, Harmony, Connectedness

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