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I grew up in the rainy Northwestern city of Seattle where I first fell in love with the green landscape, sipping coffee, and a guy named Jesus.

Although my life now revolves around Christ, I was not raised that way. My parents loved me beautifully and hinted at God’s love for me but faith was never a tangible or relevant subject.

Gradually through His pursuit and softening of my heart, Jesus met me in junior high. I remember this being a time in my life where my fulfillment was found in my checklist of achievements and affirmation in relationships. I was at the top of my music program, I had a great group of friends, my family was “picture perfect” and I was in a happy relationship. I loved where my life was going and I thought I had it all together. Suddenly, I came to find that one by one each of these things would continue to fail and disappoint me. I was no longer the best in my music program, the security and trust I put into my friendships had been proven wrong, my relationship ended, and my family life collapsed and started to feel like a war zone.

Through the chaos and brokenness, there was only one thing that remained faithful and that was Jesus. His love was so thick and powerful that I simply could not imagine life without it. He was my rest and my strength and no longer became an item on my checklist, but became the whole notebook of my life.

In high school, Jesus was where I found my purpose, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered what it meant to be truly led and fully committed to Him. My new chapter started at the University of Idaho and I had no idea it would be one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Unlike most people, I was excited to join a sorority not only for the new community, but because I was eager to bring Jesus into the Greek world and be faithful to who I was in Christ. I did not foresee how turbulent yet enticing Greek life would be, and how difficult it would be to cling to the cross. I was faced with a lot of temptation and did my best to press into the truth of God. But time and time again, I witnessed God’s faithfulness to move in the hearts of women in my house and others. Not only did I see girls renew their faith in the Lord but I also saw some lay down their lives for Him for the very first time. I was consistently awed by God’s power and deep desire to bring these sorority women to Him, and that He wanted to use me to do it. Each year of college, I grew increasingly sure that nothing was more fulfilling for me than walking alongside college women while they explore and pursue their relationship with God.

Through the years, God has continued to shape and refine me. In times of living in self-righteousness, He has humbled me. In times of seeking my own control, He has revealed that His will prevails.

It is now my great joy to be serving with this body of Christ in sharing the redeeming stories of God’s work in our church, while fighting for the women of the Greek system. My hope is that God would receive every ounce of praise for the story He has written, and what He has done and will do on the Palouse.

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