Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be as an adult. I was always positive I wanted to have cool stories to tell, though. Lucky me, I moved around a lot as a kid. And I never really left big cities. I had plenty of diverse people to engage with. I had plenty of places, things, and ideas to draw inspiration from.

I was born twenty-something years ago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ten-something years later I was uprooted and raised about the neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. We tried homeschooling, private school, and public school. Nothing ever stuck. We were in and out of various churches. Nothing stuck there either. So our own little village of people formed. I'm the oldest of seven boys. Yeah - crazy, right? Two decades later I ended up turning out alright with my biggest issues being a love for the broken hearted and a desperate need to understand who Jesus is. 

Through community, mission, and the Gospel I learned how to work with those issues. I found out that grace is the most scandalous part of our stories and accepting it mends those broken hearts. Because of these truths, I learned what I wanted to be was a storyteller. I want to keep telling the stories that take place after the last "Amen" in the Bible. I want to explain what the the church is doing across the globe. I want to help communities connect and grow by sharing their stories so they can make more epic stories together.

To pull that off, I'm a multi-media journalism and women's studies student at WSU. I intend to graduate with a Bachelors degree in May 2017 and then maybe play around with the idea of graduate school. I've spent three years trying to find out how I can effectively serve the church. Social media is the perfect open door. Through social media, it is my desire to use my passion for storytelling and building relationships to help optimize its current use by the church. I wholeheartedly believe platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful ways to connect with people and live out the Gospel. 

One day I would love to hear voices from all over the globe declaring their love for Jesus. And I'd love for those voices to be mentioning how God used something like the internet to draw them closer to Him. Starting in the here and now, waiting to be directed by God in other directions, is the best way I know how to get there.

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