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God’s strategy for transformation is the gift of a new heart and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  This new heart that God gives us is filled with new desires, but it does not come pre-packaged with new disciplines. The way we participate is by creating new disciplines and allowing the Spirit to change us through these disciplines, and none are more significant than Bible reading, prayer, and fasting. This year for Lent we want to corporately focus on the discipline of prayer. Follow along with daily prompts from February 14th to April 1st.


1. (15 min) READ:  We want to spend the first 15 minutes reading the daily scripture and asking God to speak to you.  As we read, we are hearing from the Lord and tuning our hearts in preparation for prayer.  The word convicts our hearts, renews our minds, and informs our prayers. See the reading plan below.

2. (10 min) REPENT/BELIEVE:  For the next ten minutes we repent of anything going on in our heart that is not like Christ.  You ask God to search us and change us.  We confess our sinful thoughts and actions and believe again the good news that Jesus alone gives us right standing before God.

3. (25 min) ASK:  The next 25 minutes is petition prayer.  We’re asking God to move and provide breakthrough in ways only he can.  We’re praying for the lost, we’re praying for financial provision, we’re praying for leaders to be raised up, we’re praying for wisdom, and we’re asking for power.  Your site will provide a list of more specific prayer needs and of course we can also pray for things we know about that are going on in our church.  This is a great time to pray with someone else or to write out your prayers on a tear sheet.  

4. (10 min) PRAISE: We want to end each time by worshipping God and giving Him glory for who He is.  We can sing to him, pray prayers of adoration, but all in all be reminded that God is good, He is in control, and He can be trusted to meet all of our needs in Christ.


Ash Wednesday, February 14: Psalm 1 and Psalm 8
Thursday, February 15: Psalm 10
Friday, February 16: Psalm 16 and Psalm 17
Saturday, February 17: Psalm 119:1-16
Sunday, February 18: Psalm 119:17-32

Week 2

Monday, February 19: Psalm 18
Tuesday, February 20: Psalm 19
Wednesday, February 21: Psalm 22
Thursday, February 22: Psalm 23
Friday, February 23: Psalm 27 and Psalm 28
Saturday, February 24: Psalm 119:33-48
Sunday, February 25: Psalm 119:49-64

Week 3

Monday, February 26: Psalm 31
Tuesday, February 27: Psalm 33
Wednesday, February 28: Psalm 37
Thursday, March 1: Psalm 40
Friday, March 2: Psalm 42 and Psalm 46
Saturday, March 3: Psalm 119:65-80
Sunday, March 4: Psalm 119:81- 96

week 4

Monday, March 5: Psalm 51
Tuesday, March 6: Psalm 63
Wednesday, March 7: Psalm 71
Thursday, March 8: Psalm 73
Friday, March 9: Psalm 77
Saturday, March 10: Psalm 119:97-112
Sunday, March 11: Psalm 119:113-128

Week 5

Monday, March 12: Psalm 78
Tuesday, March 13: Psalm 84
Wednesday, March 14: Psalm 86
Thursday, March 15: Psalm 91
Friday, March 16: Psalm 95 and Psalm 96
Saturday, March 17: Psalm 119:129-136
Sunday, March 18: Psalm 119:129-136

Week 6

Monday, March 19: Psalm 99 and Psalm 100
Tuesday, March 20: Psalm 103
Wednesday, March 21: Psalm 107
Thursday, March 22: Psalm 111 and Psalm 113
Friday, March 23: Psalm 116
Saturday, March 24: Psalm 119:137-144
Sunday, March 25: Psalm 119:145-152


Monday, March 26: Psalm 130 and Psalm 131
Tuesday, March 27: Psalm 139
Wednesday, March 28: Psalm 142 and Psalm 143
Thursday, March 29: Psalm 145
Friday, March 30: Psalm 146 and Psalm 150
Saturday, March 31: Psalm 119:153-160
Easter Sunday, April 1: Psalm 119:161-176