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When we pray, we want to approach God with warm, adoring hearts that are aligned with his desires for our lives and ready to ask him for that which will bring him the most glory and us the most joy. How does that happen? That happens as we submit our prayers to the transforming power of God’s word. Meditation on the Word of God and even praying his word into our lives is able to produce the most joyful prayer.

As we read the Word, we see truth about God’s character, what he’s accomplished for us, and what he desires for our lives. In the Word we see truth about ourselves: we see our sin fully revealed, our need for salvation, and the great calling we can walk into by the power of Christ. We also see truth about the world we live in: we see the brokenness God can heal, we see our mission to seek and save the lost, and we see clearly that this world promises many things it can never deliver. The Word opens up our minds and hearts to pray informed prayers.

What a gift it is that we have the scriptures. God’s word informs our prayers, enriches our prayers and empowers our prayers. Read the following passage and walk through the process outlined below to awaken you mind to truth, warm your heart at the fires of God’s love and then pray with power because of the truth and joy found in God’s word.  

Read: Luke 5:12-26
Reflect: Find a verse that stands out to you or a truth the Spirit is highlighting. Repeat this passage, write it out, paraphrase the meaning in your own words.
Respond: Ask yourself, “What does this mean for my relationship to God? to myself? to this or that person or group? to this or that behavior or habit? to my friends, to the culture?” These questions help make an abstract truth from God’s word into realities you can feel and engage with your heart.
Meditate: Allow God’s spirit to apply God’s word so you don’t just believe truth in your head but feel it in your heart. His word should produce delight, affection and adoration for who God is and what he’s done.
Pray: It may be that you pray this verse into your life. Perhaps you ask God to give you faith like the leper had, to believe that God’s power can work in you life. Perhaps you pray that God would heal the brokenness of your life as he did the leper’s. Perhaps you pray all the things on your list but through a complete different lens. Maybe your prayers now come from a place of worship, warmth and love for God that wasn’t there before.
The Word is a gateway to unending joy as we grow in head and heart knowledge of the glory of God’s love for us in Christ. You can’t worship what you don’t know. You can’t pray to a God with whom you have no intimacy. The Word is the way we grow that love and intimacy with Jesus. Lean in, think, process, meditate, warm your heart at the fire of his love and then pray.

 Luke 5 + 6