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Throughout the bible, we see God’s people faithfully praying for multiplication. They pray for the power and glory of God to be manifest in their midst. Even in the throws of persecution and pain they are praying that God’s mission would advance and his glory would be multiplied.

In Acts two, we read that the believers “devoted themselves to prayer and the apostles teaching...and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved (Acts 2).” God responded to the content and the faithfulness of their prayers by multiplying the church and his glory. Again, in Acts chapter four, while Peter and Paul are being tried for preaching Jesus, the believers trust in God’s power, deny their persecutors and pray for boldness to tell even more people about Jesus (Acts 4). They pray, over and over, that God would give them the courage to multiply in the face of danger. Multiplication has always been God’s command for his people. As image bearers, we reflect and multiply the beauty and grace of our creator God. Even back to Garden in Genesis God’s command on our lives has always been to “be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28).”

But, the most important thing we can believe about multiplication and our joy in the process is our inability to multiply anything of kingdom value. We have no ability in ourselves to multiply anything that brings God eternal glory or creates lasting change in the world. That’s the whole point when Jesus says “you can do nothing apart from me” in John 15. Praise God he gives us access to his power through his spirit so that in him, we can bring God glory and multiply his Kingdom. Pray today that God would multiply his Kingdom through you. The closer you are to multiplication and mission, the closer you are to his presence and his power in your life. Pray that God would give you an opportunity, even today to multiply his glory by being his witness (Acts 1:8, Matt 28)


 LUKE 13