If we’re going to be faithful to the mission of God and even faithful to the Lord when everything about our world leads us astray it’s important that we understand the power we have in prayer and the cost in following Jesus. From the very beginning of his ministry, Jesus began to expose his disciples to the cost of following him. What started with “anyone who sets himself to the plow must not look back,” ends with “anyone who would follow after me must deny himself and take up his cross daily.” Jesus comes to his disciples and says “come, follow me.” But, by the end of his ministry, he’s calling them to go and die for the glory of God and the mission to seek and save the lost. This is the mission we also are called to.

The most beautiful truth in all of this is that Jesus doesn’t call us to to this mission then ask us to rely on our own power. He promises that he will be with us always and that the holy spirit is more than enough for us to be faithful. God will always give us exactly what we need to accomplish what he asks us to do.

As we consider the call, and the power promised to us, it’s important that we count the cost. In his famous book, The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer states, “To deny oneself is to be aware only of Christ and no more of self, to see only him who goes before and no more the road which is too hard for us. Once more, all that self denial can say is: "He leads the way, keep close to him.” Not only is the denial of oneself a cost of following Jesus, but there will be financial cost, emotional cost, relational cost, and every cost imaginable. But, don’t doubt for one second that he is with us, or that following him is worth the cost. Jesus is always worth following. This week, let our prayers strengthen our resolve to pay the cost and to see Christ as more valuable than anything we might give up for his sake.

  • Pray that you would see the glory in all your past sacrifices and paid costs in the mission of God.

  • Pray for God’s glory to be abundantly clear in your present and that he would give you opportunity and courage to pay the cost of following him today, in your present.

  • Pray that you would be compelled to pay the cost in your future, obeying Jesus and proclaiming his name.

There is always a cost to following Jesus in this fallen world. But, prayer is our gateway into amazing power and supernatural faithfulness to the mission of God.

 Luke 18:35-42