Throughout the bible, there is an obvious and powerful connection between the salvation of God’s people and prayer. Prayer is a way to express thanksgiving for salvation. By prayer, we can ask God to do the powerful work of salvation. By prayer, we can rejoice and thank God for the salvation of others. And, in many ways, God has set up prayer to be an essential element in the process of salvation.

John Wesley was knowing to have said, “God will do nothing on earth except in answer to believing prayer.” Now, we believe God can do whatever he desires for whatever reason, but Wesley’s statement certain reflects a truth about prayer and the importance God has placed on prayer in his Kingdom. Prayer, unlike anything else, enables us to join God in the work of salvation and the celebration of salvation.

Today spend some time asking God to place in your heart a desire to find new joy in salvation. There is tremendous joy to be had in savoring the beauty of a God who would shower us in love, pay the ultimate price for our good and pursue us even when we rebel. David once prayed that God would restore the joy of his salvation. In Psalm 51:12 he says, “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit.” It is far too easy for us to undervalue the joy found in knowing Jesus and being saved by God. Let us pray that God would restore to us all the riches and joys of being saved by him.

But, this salvation isn’t only for us but also for all those who will call on the name of the Lord, Jesus. Pray for your friend who haven’t yet put their faith in Jesus. Pray today that they would trust in him and that God would allow them to feel the joy of salvation.

 Luke 21