We call today Good Friday. This is the day that the son of God, who willingly gave up his rightful throne in heaven to come to earth, died at the hands of those he had come to save. He gave up his life, put himself in the way of scorn, lovingly took the pain inflicted on him by the hearts he was desperate to see come into a relationship with himself and his father. Oh, how such good came from such dark betrayal and death. Only our God can bring good from such evil. And how good that he allows us access to his goodness, through the life of his son. We were once far off, but Jesus brought us near. 

So may we sit in the somber goodness of today: that such good has been done on our behalf who did nothing to merit goodness, not even close. Our actions, our heart patterns, our thoughts and actions that center on ourselves and nothing else deserve death and isolation. 
But how good is our Father. How good is his mercy toward us. Where we were trapped in isolation, despair and death, he has brought relationship, joy, and life to rule here in our hearts as we daily yield and turn to him, pointing us to forever and eternity with him. 

We serve a God who redeems the things that are too far gone, who makes the dead come alive. Jesus knew this about God, so it was with joy he gave his life for us, knowing that through his death, God’s power would bring salvation to many. 

Read Luke 24 today and ask God to open your eyes to his saving power in your life. If you have been brought from death to life, that should change how you live and worship him. Spend some time rejoicing in our God who saves and thanking him for your new life.
 If you have been walking through Lent with us but have not been brought to life by the saving power of Jesus, turn your heart to him today. He is waiting to give you a new heart and defeat the power of sin and death in your life. 

May we enter into Easter Sunday with hearts full of joy that only Christ can offer. From his joy comes our joy. From his death comes our death to our old self. From his life comes our new life in him.

For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:2

 Luke 24