One of the most important truths about any season of intentional Spiritual growth is this: Spiritual Discipline is intended for our good. It is meant to bring the abundance of God into our lives. No one accidentally gravitates towards godliness or purity or into a powerful prayer life. It takes effort, intentionality, planning, accountability and discipline.  

Today, as Lent starts, we want you to take some time and do two things:

  1.  Invite someone in your life (your Huddle or people in your village would be perfect) to walk through this study and through Lent with you.  Get accountability to fully engage this season.
  2. Spend some time asking God how or where he wants to grow you over the next 40 days. Remember Lent and fasting is not simply abstaining from something, but also living toward something. Ask God what he wants you to live towards.  

The irony of this 40 day journey into Spiritual Discipline is that it’s going to take Spiritual Discipline to remain steady throughout the journey. Hopefully, accountability and purpose will provide the system of support necessary for you to accomplish the task. May these next 40 days lead you into freedom and to the person who made freedom possible: namely, Christ Jesus our Lord.  

Spend some time today asking God what you would like Him to accomplish in you and through you during this season.