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Just like most college students, I came to Pullman wanting the best 4 years of my life where I would find my passions, my best friends, and most of all what my purpose is on this earth. I was that girl who grew up going to church on Sundays (which was more of a chore to my teenage self), did the youth group routine, and had enough extra curricular activities to fill my time to where I really didn’t have time to think about anything else. So when college rolled around, I came to WSU feeling the winds of freedom under my sails and I hit the ground running to find what I was looking for.

To be honest, church wasn’t really in those plans. I saw church as a task I had to do in order to be a “good christian”, and with the activities that I was partaking in (which I thought would bring me the answers I wanted) there was no way I could ever measure up to the standards of the church.

But through some unusual events, I found myself stumbling into a Resonate church service one Sunday morning and was captivated by something that I had never felt before. As I sat in the back of Todd Auditorium, I simply felt as though I belonged in that space, that it was a place that someone wanted me to be at even though no one knew that I was even there. This intrigued me and kept me coming back week after week, and after getting involved in village and meeting people who cared for me and desired to know me without having to have a red solo cup in my hand, I really began to learn who Jesus was and how there’s so much more to Him than simply being a “good Christian”.

It was another week at the Todd service and the sermon was on the story of Hosea and Gomer. Although I had grown up in church, I had never heard this story or known how much of a representation of Jesus’ love it was (if you’ve never heard it, click here and watch what I’m talking about). This was when it all made sense. That person that I didn’t know wanted me there in the back seat of Todd Auditorium was Jesus himself. After hearing this story of a man (Hosea) that relentlessly pursued a woman (Gomer) who continually turned her back on him and went back to what he was trying to rescue her from (a life consumed by worldly things), and understanding that Jesus does the exact same thing for us, my heart was captivated to know that this whole church thing wasn’t just about the religious rules that are thought to come with following Jesus, but rather it was about the relationship that the God of the universe was desiring to have with me, the one who constantly turns her back on him. I no longer had to search for fulfillment of the deep desire to be wanted and I no longer felt like I could never measure up, because even in my iniquities, I have a God that is gracious and loving and counts none of them against me.

Because of this, I was able to find my ultimate purpose and now my life is devoted to helping students like me, to understand who they’ve been created to be. That although they are inherently sinful and will never measure up to the standards of this world, they are wanted and known by their creator, who sent his son to this earth to be sacrificed on our behalf in order that we may be in relationship with him just as we were created to be in the beginning. It is my joy to be able to walk alongside young women and champion them in their faith as they discover these truths and strive to find their true identity.

Myers Briggs: ESTJ

Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Activator, Restorative, Individualization, Analytical

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