My family took me to a traditional church from a young age in a city called Burien, just south of Seattle Washington. I grew up in a healthy family with a sister who is still my best friend! Sports took up a majority of my life, especially soccer. I knew about God growing up, but I didn’t understand the gospel at all. In my sophomore year at San Diego State University, my friend invited me to a bible study put on by a ministry called Campus Outreach. I heard about grace, and the idea of Jesus’ work on the cross as a means of our salvation which hit me for the first time! That was a turning point in my life. Those guys on staff showed me and challenged me what following Jesus really looks like.

After transferring to Washington State University I became a Young Life leader and met some awesome people. I slowly got involved with Resonate and started to understand the gospel more, while not being too involved. However, upon graduation I moved to Cheney to help out with the recent church plant, and the gospel was revealed to me after being in real community. After being challenged to look at the control I had of my life, I decided to not move to the west side and pursue my dream job, I decided to apply for a job with Resonate.

My specific job with Resonate is a Site Administrator in Cheney. I’ve grown to love Cheney, while fishing and snowboarding and just hanging out in my spare time. Resonate’s goals are big, and the countless opportunities available in the next four years as the network grows four-fold excite me. All the while being part of a movement which God has His hand over is such a sweet blessing.


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