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I like to describe my life thus far as one giant, intricate connect the dot.  It is impossible to see the picture in the beginning, but the more dots that connect, the more you see the pieces God is connecting.

I grew up with the mindset that church was something everyone just did. I was raised in the small town of Fayetteville, Georgia, where churches seemed to be located on every corner. I grew up going to private school, my parents taught me how to pray, and I learned really quickly what it looked like to live a Christian life. I can specifically remember the day in second grade, in Mrs. Mullins' class, where I realized for the first time that Jesus loved me and that I needed to respond to that love. I knew I wanted to know the God that would sacrifice everything for the stuff that I had done to turn my back on Him. As an eight year old I could
honestly say I believed that Jesus died for all of my sin and because of that made it possible for me to know and love God. 

When I was thirteen, some seemingly random series of events would forever change my world and be one of the biggest turning points thus far in the story God is writing in my life. My mom, who was a Major in the Army at the time, moved into an active duty position which led to her transfer to the Pacific Northwest. We moved to Puyallup, Washington and my whole world was turned upside down. But, little did I know, God was doing something huge.  I couldn’t see it then but this was his plan all along even though it wasn’t my own. 

I have lived most of my life in the mindset of performance. Throughout high school I was really involved in my church in Sumner, Washington and I knew God was calling me to seek people. The problem was that I never took the time to realize my huge need for Him. I knew that I knew Him, but I wasn’t pursuing an authentic, real, passionate relationship with Him. I was living in a world where I thought that doing things for God was all I was called to. Eventually, without ever really realizing I was living a life of a half dead
robot that didn’t even believe the words she was preaching. 

Fast forward again to college. I wasn’t supposed to end up at Washington State. I had paid to attend another university, but got cold feet and somehow ended up at WSU. Looking back now I fully believe that me being here was the reason God moved me to Washington in the first place. I got involved with Resonate Church right off the bat my freshman year. I came into college seemingly confident, knowing the right things to say, but secretly desperate and broken, longing for the love that I had been running from. 

When thinking about life altering God moments over the last four years one that always comes to mind is the day I got a phone call about Village. Jane Worsham called me on a Wednesday and asked if I want to come to her Village the following night. I didn’t know it but that was the night before my life was about to change for good. I wasn’t allowed hide behind ‘being a good Christian’ anymore after meeting Jane. God used a simple phone call to change to trajectory of my life forever. 

Over the last three years God has stripped down everything I thought I knew about loving Him and brought to the realization that there is nothing I could ever do to earn any of his love, and that’s the point. Now, I honestly never want to get off this ride. I have been able to serve at and be apart of Resonate for the last four years and I have seen over and over again God’s relentless pursuit of his people. For the rest of my life I want to be apart of what God is doing in the hearts of people.

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