As 21x21 moves forward, we are looking for students willing to go on short projects to scout out new campuses. Pave the way for the future church planting teams by making connections with students on campus and doing the research that will help them establish churches at new universities.

  • Dates: December 14-18

  • Cost: $100-250

  • Application Deadline: October 25

  • Final Financial Deadline: November 27


Don’t just waste your Christmas break, use it to serve alongside your community. You will participate in helping needy communities across the US in mercy ministry and relief. This week is about diving into deeper relationships with friends and learning more about who Jesus is.

  • Dates: December 14-18

  • Cost: $100-250

  • Application Deadline: October 25

  • Final Financial Deadline: November 27


Join the work of Resonate in a university city overseas to help plant churches among college students. Teams will host Christmas parties and build relationships with these students with the hope of sharing why we celebrate Christmas. Teams will also be there to support team members living overseas and help in all areas needed.

  • Dates: December 14 - January 10 (includes basecamp)

  • Cost: $3,500

  • Application Deadline: October 11

  • Final Financial Deadline: November 20


Use your spring break to impact the Kingdom in a multitude of ways. For a week, serve communities across the US in mercy ministry and relief. Help pave the way for Resonate's mission to plant churches in college towns across the Northwest. Go to cities of current and future Resonate sites - spending a week growing in community and a relationship with Jesus as you serve our church plants or do the research and relational groundwork that God will use to establish churches in potential new site cities.

  • Dates: March 21-29

  • Cost: $300-500

  • Application Deadline: January 31

  • Final Financial Deadline: February 26


Elevate International is an 8 week project serving in a University city alongside Resonate Church Planters with the intention of proclaiming the gospel to college students who have never heard. During this project, you will be brought out of your comfort zone, attend class to learn the local language, live in the dorms, and build relationships with your peers as you share the good news cross-culturally. As you experience what life as a short-term missionary is like, you will also walk through theological content and teach from scripture to better equip you to live out an apostolic faith in the world. You will learn to depend on the Lord in ways you never have, be challenged in new ways, and walk in a new evangelical confidence because of your summer at Elevate International.


- Follower of Jesus

- Owner of Resonate Church

- Demonstrate an understanding of the Gospel and Biblical mandate for global missions

- Express agreement with Resonate Church vision, mission, values, strategy, policies, and statement of beliefs

- Must have attended Elevate in San Diego, served in Resonate Leadership, and be at least 20 years of age


  • Dates: June 14 - August 12 (includes basecamp)

  • Cost: $5,000

  • Application Deadline: TBD

  • Final Financial Deadline: May 13


Many of you students have the opportunity to study abroad for credit through your university. You get to experience life overseas, explore new places, meet new friends from another country, expand your language skills, and grow in your cultural knowledge. But what about growth as a disciple of Jesus? Where does that fit in during your six months abroad? Resonate is now helping connect you to long term missionaries in the city where you will be living while you study. Not only will it give you Christian community when you’re away from your home church, but it will connect you to a local ministry and find ways to serve and make disciples in your new context. Use this study abroad experience to learn a new culture, and help the local body grow while you minister to those around you.