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When I was born, my 16 year old birth parents gave me up for adoption. As their hearts broke, fighting the reality that this was best for my life, they handed me over to my family. A family that knew and loved Jesus. A family that chose to love me unconditionally, blood or not. A family that took me in as their own and chose to enter a lifelong covenant relationship with me. I had nothing to offer them, and still they chose me. A family that loves me, like Jesus loves us.

As a kid, I knew all about Jesus and was a pretty big fan of His. I knew in my head that he died on the cross for me and so in return, I should love him. I had a specific moment when I was 10 years old, where for the first time, I took the cross personally. I was wrecked and truly understood God’s grace through Jesus. But as I get older, I slid back into the mentality of a “fan”. I stopped wanting to be a follower of Jesus and was more interested in following my own desires.

After I graduated from my local community college, I had decided I was going to Eastern Washington University. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. Get to “find myself”, make new friends and get out of my hometown (Longview, WA).

After contacting friends, calling multiple craigslist ads and even calling trailer parks, I had no place to stay in Cheney, WA. The only option left came from my dad and that was, “Call the local Church”. I hated this idea but honestly, I had no other option. Two weeks later, I moved in with three guys that were a part of Resonate Church. The first Sunday I attended Resonate, I remember being extremely intrigued by how this new community accepted and loved me. And they didn't even know me. But community alone was not enough for me to change my sinful habits and desires.

For the next couple months, I was partying on Friday and Saturday night, and going to church on Sundays. I was starting to love the Resonate community more and more, but I was still fully interested in having my own fun on the weekend. But something simple happened in my story that changed everything. A couple of guys in the Resonate community invited me into reading the bible with them every morning. Reading my bible daily was a new thing for me. As I continued to read everyday with these guys, I cannot explain it, but all my deepest desires slowly started to change. The Lord transformed me from the inside out through His spoken word.

The gospel of Jesus tells me that I am loved, even though I did nothing to earn it and I know I don’t deserve it. It gives me nothing to boast about, and always points back to Jesus. Because of this reality, I desire to leverage my life to glorify God’s kingdom.

My hope for Resonate Church is that individuals from all nations would learn to love Jesus and live their lives on mission for Him. In this, ultimately believing that we exist to bring glory to God by making disciples.

Myers Briggs: ENFP

Top 5 Strengths: Woo, Harmony, Communication, Positivity, Individualization

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