For a Village to be connected to the broader community and mission of the church is a good thing that we want to help foster in our Villages. One way to help make this happen is to give your Village some time with a Resonate pastor. Having a pastor visit a Village could be a help in all areas of the triangle and their visit can be catered to the needs of the Village.

Some ideas: 

  • Have a pastor come and hang out with your Village and spend time doing general question and answer on topics related to the current sermon series, about all things Resonate, or about their life and calling in ministry.
  • Have a pastor come and talk about a specific theological topic with an UP, IN, OUT or LEAD bent that can help push your Village in a desired direction.  
  • Have a pastor come and discuss an issue or topic that is relevant to the Village or the culture that they find themselves in. This could be a theological topic or a cultural hot button topic.
  • Have a pastor come and cast vision for collegiate church planting and introduce steps towards being part of a future Resonate plant.