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“To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” - William Faulkner

And no, I do not pronounce it “Miss-ippi”, despite spending the first 26 years of my life there. It was there that I first began leading worship in high school. A sad, terrible couple of years fumbling through chord changes on an out-of-tune electric guitar. But without realizing it, I was starting down a road that was already being laid out for me. 

It was in college that the most significant turns in my life occurred. When I connect the dots of my life to where I am now, it is an undeniable trail that could only have been laid out by God. For two summers in college, I worked for an organization called PowerPlant, leading worship for high school students who came to learn why church planting is important and how it’s done. After two summers, I knew the Lord had put a desire in me to not only church plant, but move West somewhere. I understood I wouldn’t be in “the ‘Sip” forever. 

A year or so after I graduated college, I began to receive calls from a friend I met during my summers leading worship with PowerPlant. For 3 consecutive years, Josh Martin called me asking if I would consider moving to Washington to be a part of Resonate. And every year I said, “no thanks,” until he made me an offer to come visit. I thought, “A trip to Washington for a long weekend to get him to stop calling me? For sure.”

Well, now here I am, living in Cheney, Washington planting the 5th site for Resonate. For the first year I simply learned. Learned about living in community, growing the church, and multiplying myself. Now I am being sent out to continue the vision and plant churches on college campuses. 

I hope to leave a wake of men who know Jesus more deeply because of how I live. I hope to see worship leaders grow to be great leaders and excellent musicians. I hope to plant more churches. It's a joy to be on the team.

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