While I made the initial decision to follow Christ at a fairly young age, it was not until my high school years that God finally grabbed hold of my heart and transformed my life. Growing up in western NY, I was blessed to grow up with an incredibly supportive and loving family who loved the Lord. My love for the technical arts began in a high school auditorium where I was exposed to lights and sound through my involvement in musicals. 

After graduating from high school, I moved away from home to attend college where I was once again blessed with the opportunity to run lights and sound as a work study job. Along with running sound for bands and performers that would come to campus, I picked up a part time job working with an event entertainment company further expanding my sound and lighting experience running both private and community events.

In 2014, I graduated and had to determine my next step in my life. For some time I had felt God calling me west. I was apprehensive because that meant leaving everything I knew to start over in a completely new arena of life. Though I fought with the decision, God paved the way for me to move to Moscow, Idaho in August of 2014. I arrived in Moscow on a Friday and the following Sunday was my first Resonate service at the Nuart Theater.

 I felt incredibly welcomed and poured into the second I walked through the doors and it wasn’t long before I found a spot volunteering to wrap cables and pack gear after service. From there, the rest is history. I came on staff in September of 2015 and have seen God’s incredible provision and favor this past year. Leaving New York to move across the country, I would have never expected that I would be so incredibly blessed to be where I am today. That leap of faith has forever changed my life. 

The Resonate community and the mission of the ministry is a deeply important part of my story and I am excited to see how God is going to continue to work through the Tech Team and the vision of Resonate looking ahead.

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