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I am originally from Iowa, but I couldn’t tell you much about that because when I was two years old I moved to the Palouse to spend my childhood in Pullman. I grew up believing in God based off of Bible stories I learned at church, but I wasn’t introduced to the Gospel until I moved to Sandpoint, Idaho when I was twelve years old and began attending a small Christian school.

I spent my teen years jumping from church to church with my friends looking for a place to call my home church, but was unable to find a place where I felt I was truly in community. When I graduated high school in 2009 I returned to the Palouse and earned my degree at the University of Idaho.

I began attending Resonate Church my sophomore year of college, and was instantly hooked. Resonate inspired me to explore a deeper relationship with God than I had been living in before. Every Sunday challenged me and every weekly Village I attended welcomed me. This is truly a community that seeks to reach out to one another, to others, and to continue to grow closer to God.

While at UI I studied theatre with an emphasis in stage management. I began making plans to pursue a career in theatre, but those plans began to change when I realized that God was calling me to use my management and organizational skills in ministry. My calling was confirmed when an internship opportunity with Resonate landed in my lap and I decided to stay in the Palouse.

While many people consider a job in administration to be dull or tedious, I absolutely love it. I love knowing that the work I do is essential for keeping order in such an exciting and quick-paced atmosphere. Knowing that what I do from day to day is ultimately for the purpose of bringing glory to God makes it less of a job, and more of a privilege. I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now.

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