I came to the University of Idaho as a new Christian, planning to swim for the University, receive my degree, and quickly move back home. However, God had much different plans for my life after college. During my undergrad I served Resonate Church by volunteering with kids every Sunday and fell in love with the families! I'm now on staff with Resonate as the point person for all ministry that involves families!

Looking back, I can see how powerful and purposeful the Holy Spirit was in each interest and involvement that took me to this point. I believe that God gave me a love for the ocean and a passion to swim so that I would meet my friend Tori who would ultimately invite me to church camp where I would first hear the Gospel. 

It was not until later in life that I realized my need for a Savior and finally accepted an invitation to go to church with some girls who would become some of my best friends. It was there that I experienced true community and the accepting love of Jesus. 

I am passionate about sharing this love that I have experienced with my peers and the families of the Palouse. I am grateful to be part of a church where I can do what I love and freely share with everyone the greatest joy of my life! 

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