One of the greatest defining characteristics of Jesus is his sacrificial love. He gave so that others could have. He used his connection with the Father to bless others and heal them, He gave up his connection with the Father so that we could have one, and He gave up his life so that we could have eternal life.

For Resonate Villages to embody this characteristic of our Savior in how we relate to our campuses and communities is a huge step in being the church at the smallest level and representing Christ to the world. For a Village to serve together is ultimately and OUT activity, as we look to the needs of the world around us and how to meet those needs.  

But it can also act as an IN activity in that it is a shared experience a Village can have together. If the service is for someone in the Village or someone else in the church, it likewise strengthens the IN of the Village and of Resonate as a whole.  

Doing a service project together probably entails finding a weekend or other time outside of the weekly Village gathering.  


Service Project Ideas: 

Opportunities for service projects are often best found “organically”. Someone in your Village may express a need of their own or they may know of a person or organization that has a need that the Village can meet. The challenge is being ready to respond to the need when it presents itself. Sometimes these needs may not be an activity where the group needs to assemble, but it may involve resources they need to bring together (canned goods, a meal, money, etc). Here are some ideas: 

  • Habitat for Humanity: more info here.
  • Participate in Serve Fest with other churches on the Palouse: Serve Fest occurs on a Saturday in the Spring and in the Fall. Most of the projects are manual labor and construction and vary in levels of intensity and skill. More info can be found here.
  • Sign up with a local nonprofit to help them with a specific project that they plan and simply need people to help accomplish. Some possible organizations to partner with are: 
    • Trinity Food Bank (Moscow) - contact Lynette at 503-522-1248
      • Saturday December 5th: food sorting @ Trinity Church around 10:30
      • 3 or 4 hours
      • 3 or 4 people
    • Palouse Care Network(Moscow)
      • 208-822-2370
      • Adopt a family for Christmas and buy items they need and want to go under their Christmas tree.
      • There are also other Volunteer Opportunities throughout the year
    • Community Action Center (Pullman)
      • Sarah, 509-334-9147
      • Volunteers are always needed to assist with food pantry distribution on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Wednesdays, they need assistance to set up beginning at 10am and then for distribution from 11am - 2pm. On Thursdays they need assistance with distribution from 3 - 6pm.
      • They will be accepting donations up until December 15th for toys for children if anyone is interested in donating new, unwrapped toys. (If you have donations past the 15th, just let them know so they can arrange something in advance and make sure the toys go to families that need them.) They do not have to be expensive, they can be just small: things like matchbox cars, barbies, legos, etc. They're looking for toys for the following: Girl age 1-5, Girl age 6-10, Girl age 11-14, Girl age 15-18, Boy age 1-5, Boy age 6-10, Boy age 11-14, Boy age 15-18.
      • Sponsoring a family: Adopt a Family in need to help with Christmas gifts and needs. To do this, contact Sarah, the volunteer coordinator.
      • Food pantry needs: Sugar, Flour, Honey, Oil, Chocolate Chips, Butter/Margarine, Eggs, Coconut (Shredded, Oil, Etc.), Cocoa, Mini Marshmallows, Evaporated Milk, Condensed Milk, Powdered Milk (greatly needed!), Dried Fruits, Pudding, Jell-O, Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Body Wash/Bar Soap, Toilet Paper, Diapers, Paper towels, Dish Soap/Hand Soap


Other Ideas:

  • Pullman Child Welfare (Pullman)
  • Caroling in the nursing homes or assisted living homes in the Palouse (Please call in advance to let them know you are coming.)
  • Compassion International Gift Catalog (International): More info here
  • Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalog (International): More info here.