When a group of people do something memorable, it helps bind them together and solidify their relationships. Many times, Villages get in a pattern of showing up to the Village gathering every week and not seeing each other in between gatherings. This usually leads to a lack of depth in Village discussion and no sense of belonging to the group.  

To help create IN, Villages need shared experiences. They need to do things together that they talk about for weeks after. They need to laugh together and create lingo together. Even if it’s a bad experience, doing it together makes it worth it.  A good shared experience is something unique that you wouldn’t do alone. It’s often something that gives you the opportunity to act like a kid and it's something that we can do together.

Shared experiences lead to more shared experiences. When people have fun together they want to have more fun together. If you plan one or some of these, others just happen. Leaders and influencers rise to the top.

Keep reading for some ideas for potential experiences you can share.

Great at Anytime:

  • Thrift Shop Roller Skate Party: go to a thrift shop together and by an outfit and then drive to Lewiston and go roller skating.
    • Rollaway Skate Rink: 208-746-0980
  • Bowling at Zeppoz: Rent some shoes and hit the lanes with your Village. They have good deals at certain times for groups. For more information, visit their website.
  • Laser Tag/Minigolf: Visit their website for more information.
  • Swing Dancing at CJ’s
    • Wednesday Nights - Country Swing
    • Thursday Nights - East Coast Swing
    • $5 entry fee
  • Volleyball/Basketball
    • HIRC (Moscow)
    • Rec (WSU, Moscow)
  • Progressive Dinner: Have three houses, each with a meal course prepared. The first house will have appetizers, the second has the main course, and the third has the dessert. Take your Village to each house to share a meal and quality time together! Add food themes for even more fun!
  • Dollar Scoop Night
    • Tuesday Nights - Baskin Robbins
    • Thursday Nights - Daily Grind
  • Grub Truck
    • Main St. Moscow
    • Friday, Saturday Nights - 10pm-3am
    • Visit their Facebook page
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Gather a group to go play at Martin Stadium or the Kibbie Dome or any open field!
  • Village Retreat: Plan a one night getaway for your Village! Does someone have access to a lake house or a house in another cool location? Or, if you fill a hotel room it’s not too expensive. The key here is to get away togther. CDA is a great destination.
  • Shoot Guns: Folks in your Village got some guns? Go shoot them together. More fun than you think.
  • Formal Dinner: Plan a meal with your Village and dress up nice for the occasion! You’ve been looking for a good reason to wear that prom dress again.
  • CUB and SUB movies: You can find what’s showing here for WSU and here for UI.  
  • Midnight Movie Premieres: Know of a cool movie coming out soon? Go see it at midnight with your Village!
  • Murder in the Dark (Cutthroat Mafia): Here's how to play.


Great in the Late Summer and Fall:

  • The Cliffs: Swim and cliff jump, located on Wawawai River Rd., Colton, WA 99113
  • Kamiak Butte Hike: Take your Village to the top of the butte just 15 minutes from Pullman to enjoy some sweet views of the Palouse and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. More information here
  • Moscow Mountain: Take a trip up the mountain to go hiking with your Village! More information here.
  • Moscow Saturday Farmer’s Market: Join your friends on a Saturday morning in downtown Moscow for the Farmer’s Market! Fresh local produce and art are on sale. More information here
  • Palouse Falls Hike: Take a short road trip and visit this scenic spot. More information here.
  • The Flower Farm: U-Pick flowers located between Moscow and Pullman on the old highway. More information here
  • Garfield-Palouse Apple Orchard (Garfield, WA): Go pick apples and press them into fresh cider! More information here
  • Haunted Palouse
    • Head to the small town of Palouse on the weekend in late October for a scary nighttime adventure!
    • $15 per person
    • Tickets on sale from 7pm-10pm
    • More information here
  • Pumpkin patch (Clarkston, WA) and pumpkin carving: October means pumpkin picking! Take the pumpkins back and have a pumpkin carving competition! May the best Jack-O-Lantern win! More information here
  • Scarywood: Located at Silverwood Theme Park during October. More information here.
  • Sit-Com Holiday Night: Gather your Village and a collection of sit-com episodes from the nearest holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…) and watch them all in one night!


Winter Time Fun:

  • Ice skating (Moscow rink): Lace up your skates and hit the ice with your Village. More information here.
  • Winterspirit (Amazing Christmas Light Display): Go to the park with your Village to see a wonderful display of Christmas lights! More information here.
  • Winter Games: Snowball fight, sledding, snowshoeing, snowman competition, igloo making, snowboarding, skiing. You pick!