I grew up going to church every Sunday and learned a little more every week of who God was. However, it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized that Jesus was asking for more; He was asking for a relationship. 

In 2011, my life was completely changed when I met Jesus during my second year at the University of Idaho. I was searching for freedom I thought I could only find in college and escaping my hometown, but instead I found a relationship with Jesus and ultimate freedom in Him. Although I grew up going to church every Sunday, I saw Christianity as a list of rules and good things to check off a list. It was through Resonate that I finally realized that Jesus wanted a relationship with me, and I didn’t have to work to save myself.

Since then, Jesus has given me a desire to help other college students meet Him. In 2014, I had the opportunity to transfer from the University of Idaho to Central Washington University, and move to Ellensburg, Washington to be a part of planting a church there. 

I’ve been blessed with a passion for design, and I love being able to use that to help Resonate as we reach college students. I am excited to see the Pacific Northwest change as the Gospel is shared, and as college students come to know Jesus. 

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