The Resonate Story Team seeks to expose the work of God in our lives and in Resonate Church. Each of our stories are a part of one great story – the Story of Christ’s redemption for a world that is still broken. Each story reminds us that the God of the Bible is the same God who is always moving and working in our lives today. Our hope is to open the hearts of those who don’t know Jesus, and to light a fire under those who do. We desire to glorify the name of our God by telling the world of His marvelous works. Above all, our goal is to bring glory to our Creator. We have a hope that storytelling will deepen the worship of the saints by constantly celebrating God’s character, truth, and grace in our lives.

We love to know your stories, to share and celebrate with you what God is doing in your lives, and to be encouraged by your experiences. We also want to share what is going on in Resonate Church – things like Village, service projects, missional events and trips, answered prayer, and more. We want to compel one another to live lives that are obedient and joy-filled as we follow our Savior side by side.

We also believe that stories lead to stories. We know that seeing God’s work in the lives of others pushes us to identify the work of God in our own lives, and reminds us that we are all a part of a greater story. Our lives should point to the work of Christ in our hearts and demonstrate how the gospel is to be lived out in tangible ways.  The only thing the world cannot argue with is a story of transformational, personal experience. In light of that, we must share our stories with the world as we seek to glorify our Great Creator and honor His Name to the ends of the earth.



If you love to write, take photos, do video work, or simply just meet and connect with new people, the Resonate Story Team may be a perfect place for you to get involved. We are looking for people who desire to see God glorified and want to help others tell the story of Christ's work and redemption in their lives through a variety of mediums. 


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