There is power in prayer. There is power in crying out to God for His Spirit to move in people’s hearts, in Resonate Church, and in the cities our church calls home. There is power in listening to God, hearing and obeying the prompting of His Spirit. There is power in having a conversation with God. 

Last semester, Resonate gathered every Friday night to pray. Prayer leaders in our church provide guidance on how to pray, and throughout the evening, different methods of communication with God are utilized. These include praying individually, in small groups, and in a large group; singing worship songs; writing prayers; and praying the words of Scripture.

Each week throughout the month, one of the four different site pastors and worship leaders direct the evening. People pray for God’s work in that particular Resonate site - including death-to-life stories, Villages, mission trips, and the cultivation of disciples who have a heart for sharing about God and knowing God through prayer.

God promises that “if my people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray,” then He “will hear from heaven” and respond to those prayers (2 Chronicles 7:14). This is a beautiful promise. But for God to hear and act, we need to pray.

More specifically, you need to pray. God calls each of us personally to pray, and there are two critical reasons that we - as the individuals who make up the church - have a personal responsibility for prayer.

First, the church needs to pray. Prayer is a critical component of our relationship with God, but despite “getting better at prayer” being a common desire expressed in Village and Huddle, we often struggle to know how to connect with God. Gathering together with the intention of praying, with the guidance of pastors and other church leaders, can help us know how to pray and experience communication with God.

Second, the church needs to be prayed for. The things that happen through Resonate – people hearing and accepting the gospel, intentional community, church planting, missions – happen only because God moves. And God moves in response to His people calling on Him.

Resonate prayer nights are the perfect union between these needs – a church full of people who need to pray and a church that needs to be prayed for. Our schedule for Spring 2015 is shifting to once a month - join this community of prayer as we meet regularly at 915 High Street in Pullman, every third Monday night of the month!