It is no secret that artists are some of the most sensitive people on the planet. The word ‘sensitive’ has many connotations, but in reality, only means that these individuals are more aware of what is going on around them.

Betsy Wang is one such person.

Knowing Jesus at an early age, she has always had a strong connection to her Savior.

Being a little different, though, Betsy experienced unkindness from her classmates at school. School was often a chore and a battle. Every day, her peers would tease her.

There is only a certain amount of time that any person could endure that type of harassment from classmates, especially at the age of nine. After a while, Betsy began to struggle with deeply negative thoughts and eventually decided to commit suicide.

Betsy picked a night when her dad and her younger brother were out of the house, and waited until her mother was asleep.

Right as she was just about to end her life, she distinctly heard a male voice commanding her not to do so. This voice explained that her decision was incredibly selfish, and that she was not thinking of the pain that would be caused to her family.

Betsy was then overcome with the realization of what she was considering, and quickly understood that she was hearing from God Himself. If it wasn’t for that audible voice reminding her of what was at stake, the world would not be blessed with the wonderful spirit of faith and trust that Betsy possesses for her Savior. 

“I really believe this is the reason why my faith is so strong," Betsy says about this trying time in her life. Often, God allows us to endure hardships so that we have an opportunity to trust Him and so He can have a means to rescue us from our own ignorance.

Shortly after her encounter, Betsy moved schools and was blessed with a fresh start and a fresh outlook on life.

Betsy is passionate about her relationship with Jesus. Sharing our stories is one of the most powerful ways that we can impart God’s love into the lives of others, and Betsy is insistent about sharing hers.

Betsy also says she still hears God’s voice, especially in dark times. And all we can hope and pray is that others get the opportunity to hear and know Him like Betsy does.

Betsy’s story serves as a reminder of the lengths God goes through to show us how much He cares. The biggest one being Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

Never forget that God loved us so much and couldn’t bear to see us suffer our consequence of sin, that He took the price for sin upon Himself and died on the cross. He couldn’t stand for death to keep us from Him so He conquered death and came back to life to prepare a place for us in heaven where we can be with Him for eternity.

God cares about you, too. He cares about all of us.