Braden Comstock knew what his future looked like. He strove for good grades, had a long-term girlfriend, and happiness.  A journey began when God changed his plans.

When he and his girlfriend of three years broke up, so much of what Braden envisioned for his future was gone. He felt lost. He realized that his happiness had been wrapped up in this girl, and it quickly dwindled once the relationship was over.

“It seemed like everything was being taken away.” 

That’s when one of Braden's fraternity brothers, Russell, introduced him to a truth that he would soon live for. Russell brought Braden to Resonate Church, where a sermon on sexual sin seemed to speak directly into his life. He felt convicted to change.

“I knew it was right,” says Braden about the truth that was spoken that evening.

Following the sermon came a time of little recollection for Braden where he felt like God was pulling him back to church each week and to a Resonate Village that quickly became his home. 

Braden knew no one going into this Village, but was immediately welcomed by his leader, Colin, who showed genuine interest in who Braden was.

“I felt like I belonged there,” says Braden.

Colin and Braden later had a conversation about the forgiveness of Jesus. Colin told Braden that Jesus forgives all of our sins because He died for us.

“It was like everything was being pulled out of me. These words of the gospel drastically altered everything I had come to know about myself and my future.”

Braden’s future plans were no longer his own. Russell asked him what he thought about what he heard from Colin and they prayed together. It was then that Braden decided to commit his life to following Jesus Christ.

“I felt immediately whole. I didn’t feel alone anymore.”

Braden’s life since then has been a life of fulfillment, even though it has not been perfect. He has come to an understanding that his life will surmount to something much greater than any sadness or guilt that we might feel. Jesus’ love has also compelled Braden to become a Greek Village leader.

“Colin and Russell have been a big part of my story, and I want to be that for somebody else.”

He didn’t know at first how to lead a Village or why God called him to do it, but Braden knows that he can serve because God allows him to do so.

“If I don’t rely completely on God, it’s not going to work.”      

This leadership role within Resonate has had an effect on another aspect of Braden’s life – being part of the Greek organization, Fiji.

“Before this year, the idea of Christianity in our house was not received well.”

But over time, Braden has noticed more of his fraternity brothers approaching him to ask about Jesus. He has even witnessed the most scientific people in his fraternity speculate about who God is.

“God has been bringing people to me, and He’s given me the desire to really just care about them.”

Relying on God gives Braden strength to lead a Resonate Village and to take part in the spiritual journeys of members within his fraternity.

“I need to keep choosing Christ day by day. I know that it’s the only way I’ll be fulfilled and it’s the only way I can show others that they can be fulfilled too, no matter what happens in their lives. And that’s what I want to do.”