If you’ve ever been to Resonate, chances are you’ve heard about Elevate and how it changed someone’s life. From May to August, at least one of our blessed Resonate friends are taking over our Instagram feed and sending the world snaps of the beaches, fun friends, barbeques and sunny days. Elevate is all of those things. However, it is so much more than just a picture or a video could ever portray.

Elevate is a ten-week project in La Jolla, CA that teaches one what it means to live and lead in gospel community. During the summer, students spend ten weeks working full time, serving local churches and growing with some of the greatest friends they’ll ever meet. When on project, students are crammed in a hotel room with seven other Elevate attendees. They’ll share everything together from closet space to their life stories. Every Sunday, Elevate hosts a barbecue where students invite coworkers and friends to have the best dance parties on the shores and ultimately share the Gospel.

Everyone says they come back from Elevate changed. At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to change me, but it ended up having a huge effect on my faith. I learned how to handle conflict by learning what it means to give out grace, but I also learned how to receive that same grace with humility. I was a witness to big prayers being answered and saw death to life transformations.

I walked away from Elevate knowing that I had learned so much but I was hesitant to say I was transformed. At the end of the summer, I didn’t have many gospel conversations and my coworkers who lived without God didn’t come to know Jesus. For a while I believed the lie that my worth was found in my works. I thought to myself, how was I going to be transformed in Pullman if I wasn’t transformed in La Jolla?

Then I realized: Elevate doesn’t stay in La Jolla and no matter where we are, God is always transforming us.

The reason why Elevate’s impact doesn't end when the project ends is found in the reason why all of us were called to come back to college. We need to come back and take what we learned and apply it to cities that need Jesus just as much as La Jolla does. The things I learned in La Jolla are applicable to all aspects of my life, but it doesn’t stop here. I can’t be stagnant in my faith.

I learned that I must continue to grow and push myself out of my comfort zone in order to have Jesus as the center of my life.

Elevate taught me that my works are not mine for the taking. I need to follow the path that he has laid out for me and rely on God when I find myself lost. Jesus changed my heart’s posture and the way I see my walk with him.

Transformation at Elevate did happen. God changed my life this summer. Even when I didn’t see it, he was still persistent and true to the life he has for me. My growth from this summer is exponential. It was an experience that I will take with me and continue to reflect on and learn from. Elevate was the best summer of my life and there's hundreds of more students who are being called to experience it too.