Since 2007, Resonate Church has sent nine teams to share the good news of Jesus with the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Nichole Southwick is one of 160 students who have served there through Resonate in the past six years.

Over three spring breaks and one summer, Nichole has taught English, hosted vacation bible schools, and distributed food and water to those in need.  Her time in Tijuana not only affected the way she lived in college, but also changed her future plans and the way she wants to live the rest of her life.

As graduation from WSU approached, Nichole knew God’s call on her life was to live among the people of Tijuana and tell them of His saving power.  She has decided to forsake the typical American dream and live her life worthy of the gospel. 

Resonate is celebrating sending Nichole out. For over a decade, people in our church have invested in Centro Shalom, and now we are sending our first long-term missionary to continue God’s work there. Additionally, Resonate is funding and building a home for Nichole and future missionaries on the church’s property.

We want our church and our students to understand one simple truth:  Resonate's mission is to be a body of disciples who partner with Christians around the world to start churches. Our hope is for this partnership in Tijuana to be the beginning of many other partnerships allowing us to send out the church to a world that has never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.