The heat is pounding. The lights are moving. The noise is deafening. All things consistent with a celebration. Add the Holy Spirit to the mix, and the Resonate Worship Night in December was similar to what Heaven will surely be like. One could not forget the roar, the fierce pounding of music and sound, the vibrations shaking the very foundation of the building. Pastor Craig Lovelace was worried that Resonate Church might end up in the papers the next day with the headline: Christians Dead When Loud Music Brings Down Old Ceiling.

Despite the concert-like nature of worship night, stark contrasts can be seen. The stage, while well lit and decorated, will not bring attention to the musicians. Rather it focuses the worship experience. The musicians are fueled by the Holy Spirit rather than the cheers of the crowd. And every song is a sing-along.

A strand of lights lay across the expanse of the auditorium, lighting the ceiling like a miniature night sky, an ode to a reception at a summer wedding. After all, a worship night like this is only alluding to the glorious union that the Church, Christ’s bride, will feel with Him someday.

The theme of the night was JOY. Worship Pastor Josh Martin reminded us that joy is a command for followers of Jesus. God wants us to experience the joy He offers, for it is what gives us strength and satisfaction regardless of the trials we face. But Josh encouraged us that we must preach joy to ourselves daily, which allows us to remember what Christ has done for us and lets that truth deeply affect our hearts.

Being at the Worship Night was like being in a rally for a battle. There was something about being with a gathering of more than 300 people, all raising their voices as one, shouting “Glory! Glory!” at the top of their lungs, adrenaline pumping, and lifting their souls to their Creator.

The Creator who, despite everything, despite the layers of sin between us, came down from heaven, walked among us, breathed our air, died, and could not bear to be apart from us, obliterating death and rising again for us so that we might live in eternity with Him.

Worship night is a respite, a celebration, and a concert all rolled into one. A respite from the stress of finals, a celebration of what God has done, and a concert to bring glory to the One who deserves all our worship.