When the sky melted black, ghouls and goblins filled the streets, and our city celebrated Halloween this year, we at Resonate didn’t hide and ignore the crowd. We invited them over to our place and had a raging party.

The garage of the Restoration Church building on High Street was transformed into a dance floor covered in fog and cobwebs. As hundreds of people ate and danced together, two costumed DJ’s mixed music and lights for three hours.

“We decided we didn’t want to sit around and complain about the party culture in our city,” said worship pastor Josh Martin. “We wanted to engage the party culture with an alternative party.”

Josh stressed that the alternative party is an event where you remember the friends you made the night before. You get to dress up, and dance, and laugh, and have fun. You make memories that aren’t painful and will never forget.

This Halloween, the garage was full of freestyling unicorns, singing hot dogs, raging cops, and partying superheroes, among others. These characters joined together as a community and celebrated life at it’s fullest.

Our heartbeat at Resonate Church is to live on mission in everything we do; to invest in the world around us and invite people to know the transformative love of Jesus. Our "house parties," like this Halloween party, serve as a bridge between us and our unchurched friends who would never set foot in a worship service but are eager to engage in new friendships. We are determined to reach the unreachable, and this is one of our means of doing so.

After seeing over 200 students come and go from our dance party, we are praying that this is a fruitful venue to reach our campuses. “Our church wants to have impact, and you don’t have impact unless you engage,” Josh said. “So we engaged on Halloween by throwing the biggest and best party in our city.” That isn’t an understatement. The party was so big the police were called and asked to respond. When you ask Resonate “Turn down for what!?” the answer is nothing, except, clearly, the police.

“People loved it,” Josh said. “And we have photos to prove it.”In the midst of the party culture that dominates Pullman, we at Resonate desire to be everyone’s first place to rage. We hope and pray that our Halloween party will continue to be the biggest and best for years to come.